About The process

Myreze AS has continued its partnership with one of Dubai’s biggest TV channels. We made the intro to the TV show “The Couch” broadcast on channel Al-Arabiya, a programme about social medias. When developing the idea, for the intro, was therefore a focus on social media and how people use this phenomenon. Social media is being used in many different devices and many different places.

We therefore used 3D animation to illustrate this. First, we designed each unit and the transition from device to device. Then we created an environment that was consistent with each device. Smartphones is often used extensively outdoors and on the move, a laptop is typically used at home in the living room and laying on a sofa and a desktop machine belongs in an office environment. We have therefore created an environment per sequence with gorgeous transitions. To make this extra elegant we have added colourful elements to create a modern look.


Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Director: Stefan Björn
Consept: Stefan Björn & Remi Vaage
Design & animation: Stefan Björn
Grading: Stefan Björn & Björn Myreze
Music: After Perfect

Project Details:

  • Client: MBC / Al Arabiya
  • Year: 2014
  • Skills: Film, Motion, Design





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