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“Rett fra hjertet” is a Norwegian TV program hosted by Solveig Kloppen and Samuel Massi, who travels through Norway and meets people who goes out of their comfort zone to learn a new skill in order to please someone they love.

Frozen moments of eternity

The opener is based on a emotional moment from the TV program that is frozen for eternity. The most important moments in the series is captured in a memory collage. Like the tradition in classical mythology – the Cupid raises the bow and arrow and shoots. We follow the arrow that flies through the whole sequence as a guide and at the end – the arrow shoots through the logo and heart. The title of the TV program is called “Rett fra hjertet” which means Straight from the heart. Therefore we have chosen to illustrate the logo with an arrow straight from the heart, to the heart.

The arrow flies through a magic athmosphere and precious moments in life where people share unconditional love. Where the participants want to do their best for their loved ones. Graphic elements around helps to strengthen capabilities and provide clues to what and who we meet in the series. A couch dad who has a fear of heights wants to impress his beloved with parachute, we get to experience this moment or pleasure by reference compound trapped in a graphical “freeze frame”. The people is black and white while the communities they reflect are in color. This gives us the opportunity to break the moment and focus on the situation.

Handmade 3D logo element


Client: Nordisk Film for TV 2
Concept: Bjørn Myreze / Anja Helen Fagerli
Art Director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Opener: Stefan Björn
OnAir Graphics: Stefan Björn
Composing Assistant: Christoffer Møgster
Graphic Designer: Mats Hope
3D elements: Mathias Birkeland
3D Models: Tom Riise
Logo: Anja Helen Fagerli
Alexander Ghalioungui / Anja Helen Fagerli

We are very happy with the result of this opener as it reflects the content of the TV program “Rett fra hjertet”. Very professionally done by Myreze.

Kjell Arne Mikkelsen

Producer, Nordisk Film

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